KEMET  Contracting Company

Aluminum , UPVC , Curtain Wall , Cladding , Shutter , Sky Light , Automatic Sliding Door , Folding System

Aluminum & UPVC Systems

Aluminum : Alumil - Technal - PS - Volcano


Artistic Touches

We do not only focus on the functional aspects of our products but also ensure its artistic features .          

Our Best Offers & Products

Doors & windows



Securite glass


Framless securite glass.

Securite glass with Aluminum frame .


Aluminum roll shutter

Aluminum classic shutter

UPVC classic shutter.


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About Us

KEMET CONTRACTING CO. Is a company established in 2012 specialized in aluminum and upvc work. We are honored to serve all our clients. We always aspire to be one of the largest companies working in the Egyptian market through excellence with the satisfaction of our customers.

Service Request

You can request a service at any time, wherever you are (business assay , quote, product inquiry, installation and delivery service, etc.)

Customer Service

Waiting for your inquiry any time for inquiries : 01098088001- 0226229280

Facebook: KEMET.alu.windoors