Aluminum Cladding

Our range of composite panels is manufactured by multi layer extrusion lamination where two skins of non corrosive special grade Aluminum is sandwiched on to non – toxic polyethylene thermoplastic or a fire retardant mineral core. The external skin surface is available in various finishes and colours made from PVDF paint coatings. Key features of this product include; attractive designs, durability, longevity, smooth surface, high tolerance and easy installation to name a few.


Performance with lightness:

A proven strength-to-weight ratio surpassing the solid aluminium, steel and natural stones.

Surface with choice and longevity:

Coated with specially formulated flouro polymer (PVDF) based paints in variety of colours & decorative finishes and life expectancy of up to 20 years.

High tolerance with elegance & beauty:

A reliable surface performance to withstand extreme weather

conditions of the coastal areas to maintain elegance and beauty of buildings.

Durability with consistency:

Manufactured with a corrosion resistant system to provide durability against temperature fluctuations, moisture, chemicals and ultra violet exposures.

Quality with confidence:Flatness without distortion, surface smoothness without deflection, extra peel-off resistance and high impact strength.

Saving energy for healthier environment:Helps in generating a pseudo-insulation and barrier to reduce the heat and sound transmission losses.

Easy installation and economical option:Can be formed in any shape, angle or curve with ordinary metal and wood working machinery and can be installed using conventional accessories.

Applications :

External wall cladding, Building Fascia & Facade finishes.

Curtain walls and internal wall finishes.

Rooftop edges, Parapet walls and wall canopies.

Spandrel, column covers and beam wraps.

Balconies and patio wall claddings.

Partition and ceiling panels.

Stairways and Elevators .

Advertising display and sign boards.

Public and commercial display walls.

Poster hoardings and exhibition rooms.

Shop sign boards and showroom finishes.

Machine casings and furniture accessories.